Building a New Home – Choosing an Architect

Choosing an architect becomes a task of utter importance, since the selected architect will do much more than produce the drawings. A highly experienced professional, who at the same time is a skilled communicator, is needed to carry out all the work required to deal with zoning bylaws, building codes, coordination among the different engineers, besides contractors’ bids, as progress with the building of your home is made. 

Selection Methods

While a qualifications-based selection (QBS) – also known as “quality-based selection” is a process mostly used by institutions or public agencies, its main guiding principles of selecting architects based on their knowledge and experience, can and should be applied to your own selection process, as you are on the lookout for the best architect for the home of your dreams. 

Even though you will most likely end up choosing an architect directly (and not through a design competition, as might be done in case of a bigger public or even private project, or through QBS), certain basic principles for selection standards will still apply.   

The Perfect Architect for You

Choosing an architect for your future dwelling is no small matter, so great care must be taken during this important process. Nothing beats a personal recommendation of a friend or someone else you can trust, who has had a great experience with an architect in question. If that is not possible, however – maybe you are new to the city, or for whatever other reason – then doing some research on the architectural firm’s or a particular architect’s reputation is also a way to go. 

With so much information widely available online, it is easy to find out about their performance on projects of similar type. Not only is it possible to learn about their design skills, but also their aptitude for project management, as well as their knowledge of local geography and facilities (this familiarity at the local level is important when trying to optimize on home design). 

The final step in the hiring of an architect is having a full understanding of the costs associated with it, both for the blueprints and for the entire multi-step process, if you do choose to have a professional accompanying you through each type of requirement. 

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