Smart Investment with Turn-Key Solution

As exciting as building a new home is, it does require a lot of work. To avoid the hassle of hiring each professional and supervising their work yourself, opting for a turn-key solution can be the perfect decision. When a single firm is hired to manage the entire building project, from checking on zoning to the new home’s interior design, not only will it save a lot of headaches but also time and money.

Building a New Home – Architectural Costs

The perfect home starts with the ideal design. Getting the right architect for the job is essential, as explained in our previous blogs, and it is important to understand the costs involved. It does not mean, though, that it is necessary to get the most expensive or the most experienced professional in town. Read on to find out how architectural fees are calculated and how it is possible to save on some of the costs.

Building a New Home – Choosing an Architect

Choosing an architect becomes a task of utter importance, since the selected architect will do much more than produce the drawings. A highly experienced professional, who at the same time is a skilled communicator, is needed to carry out all the work required to deal with zoning bylaws, building codes, coordination among the different engineers, besides contractors’ bids, as progress with the building of your home is made.

Building a New Home – Hiring an Architect

Hiring an architect is a very important step in the construction process – contrary to what many may think, they do much more than draw building blueprints. This professional will not only provide support during the indispensable building permit application process, but will also embody your vision of your future abode, while saving you lots of headaches.

Building a New Home – Surveying

With finances planned out, it is now time to really start working on your new dwelling – surveying the land is the next step. A surveyor is the professional that must be contacted next – the main task is to mark and document the location of legal property lines in order to prevent any legal disputes. Relevant data will be provided to the architects and engineers, for them to start doing their work.

Building a New Home Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

So you have a piece of land and you are ready to build your new home… Not so fast! There is a series of steps to take before any construction can begin. Even before you can get your hands on a building permit – which will allow you to start building – there is zoning, financing, surveying, architectural and engineering work to deal with.