The Perfect Service for You!

Whether you are renovating your home or getting it built from scratch, you will need to decide the range of services that you will require. At VArchitect, we offer four design packages, to suit everyone’s needs.


This package includes preliminary design, space planning and architectural working drawings, as well as two visits to the municipality in the course of procuring a building permit.


Besides including the services of the basic package, we coordinate the work of engineers chosen by the client. Keeping in mind that a whole team of engineers (structural, mechanical, electrical, and trusses) needs to collaborate well and communicate among themselves and with the architect, getting at least this service is highly recommendable.

White-glove Care

On top of providing architectural drawings, we can save you the hassle of selecting the engineers (mechanical, electrical, structural, and engineered wood/trusses). We will put together the perfect team – since we’ve been working with a number of professionals over the years – and help maintain clear communication among them. We also follow up on every step of the process to get the building permit for you.

Turn-key (Design-build)

This package takes the white-glove care a step further. Besides including all of the services explained above, it also offers general contracting. You won’t have to be concerned with hiring each separate trade – excavation, foundation, house framing, walls, roofing, stairs (indoor and outdoor), carpeting, electricity, plumbing, kitchen, and bathroom! We will hire each professional and coordinate their work, making sure your home passes city inspections every time.

When choosing this package, all you will have to worry about is picking out your furniture, while your home is being built.

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