Affordable Home Reno in Toronto

“How can I afford a home reno these days?” – you might have asked yourself this question many times. It doesn’t have to be an unattainable dream. We’ve made affordable home renovation a reality in Toronto.

As your needs and tastes change during the journey of life, you will inevitably reach a point when you will be facing home renovation. Perhaps your family has grown, or your house simply needs an update – no matter what your case is, it’s time for some sprucing up. At VArchitect, we offer a variety of services that will help you meet your needs, even on a tight budget.

Avoid Delays from the Start

Additions and changes to your home require a building permit, but getting one can be quite a hassle (find out more about this and other aspects of renovating in a series of blogs that will follow). Once the permit is granted, the work can begin… well, in theory – you have to find a whole crew of professionals to do the job, not to mention the architectural and engineering work that needs to be done first.

No Worries about the Reno Crew

For the very adventurous, there is a choice of finding and hiring each trade separately (masons, electricians, carpenters, roofers, etc.) – not recommended. The best option is to get a General Contractor (GC) who will put together and look after the entire team. Nothing beats having one in-house, as is in our case.

We offer you a one-stop-shop experience (if you choose to simplify your life) – our in-house architects will make sure you get a building permit at little or no extra cost, while our in-house GCs will make sure all the work is done on time and correctly. This way, your home will pass city inspections, which means the entire renovation will happen on time and on budget.

Practical Solutions & the Exact Type of Service You Need

You may not need extensive hallways throughout your house, but that extra bedroom or storage space are a must for you! Our design and construction techniques ensure optimal use of space and save on materials.

Our experienced professionals will help you find the right solution for you. With our library of floor plans, we maximize the size of each room, lowering construction costs through tested design best practices.

We also offer a variety of packages to give you the precise amount of service you need: basic, enhanced, white-glove care, and turn-key. Find out more about each one here!

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