Smart Investment with Turn-Key Solution

As exciting as building a new project is, it does require a lot of work. To avoid the hassle of hiring each professional and supervising their work yourself, opting for a turn-key solution can be the perfect decision. When a single firm is hired to manage the entire building project, from checking on zoning to the new home’s interior design, not only will it save a lot of headaches but also time and money.

Construction Process A-Z

Getting a new project built requires a series of steps and collaboration among quite a few professionals. It all starts with zoning and surveying before an architect can draw up the floor layouts. The engineers then do their work: the structural engineer makes sure the building has sturdy structure, the mechanical engineer plans for the air ducts (which can be embedded if he/she works closely with the architect), while the roof trusses and the electrical engineers lay out their respective plans. All the drawings are then submitted together to the Building and Planning Department for a building permit.

Getting such a permit requires some coordination with the city, since further questions about the proposed construction project are normally asked. Once additional paperwork is turned in, it will take a few more weeks to receive an answer. This could happen several times – it is much easier to have someone in charge instead of having to make multiple trips to the city yourself!

Once the building permit is issued, the true “fun” begins – it is time to hire a General Contractor (GC), ideally, instead of hiring each trade separately – to actually start building. Having a professional do architectural supervision is another important consideration to ensure that your project is being built correctly, in accordance with the drawings (you don’t want any part of it to get demolished if it fails city inspection!). When it is all done, then the interior designer comes into the picture. Don’t have time to handle all this yourself? Hire a firm to do all of it for you.

Turn-Key Service

That’s what turn-key service is all about! Even though paying someone to supervise the entire building process may not sound like saving, in the end it is: by having an experienced professional watch over every single step, you can rest assured that everything will be done correctly. This means that proper paperwork will be submitted in a timely manner, avoiding delays from the start. Most importantly, every part of the project will be built correctly – architectural supervision will make sure of that – which means that nothing will have to be demolished and rebuilt. As a result, your building will be constructed on time, and no money will be wasted on extra materials and labor.

In the end, you decide just what level of service you require, so VArchitect offers you a variety of packages to suit your needs. If you do choose the turn-key solution, you will be in for a completely hassle-free experience – just worry about picking out your fixtures!

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