Building a Commercial Project – the Perfect Service for You!

If you did choose a headache-free route of going about your construction, then there are two options to explore, depending on the extent of involvement you are ready to commit to. For commercial buildings, VArchitect offers you two packages.

Basic Consulting Service

If you already have a General Contractor in mind (or are prepared to deal with all the trades on your own), then you can benefit from our consulting services, beginning with the project feasibility study and ending with construction bid tender.

The First Steps

Before building or remodeling any commercial property, it is crucial to make sure there is profit (return on investment) to be gained. A project feasibility study is conducted to this end. If the outcome is positive, then an architectural consultant will proceed with budget/cost estimation. Preliminary design is the next step, which is taken by a consulting team. It is followed by value engineering: consulting and construction teams come together to determine how the project can be done in the least expensive way possible.

Municipal Approvals

Design development is next – the consulting team is in charge. Once the building design is laid out, it is time for municipal approvals: site plan application and building permit. While not required for a fit-up project – unless the commercial project will have a different use – site application is a must for all new construction, before submitting the paperwork for a building permit.

Site plan application includes everything that has to do with site development: how the site is developed, drainage, how services provided, how it is paved, as well as transportation and parking, among others. Once it is granted (average processing time is at least two months), it is possible to apply for the building permit.

General Contracting

With this permit also in hand, you are ready to hire your contractors. We can do the construction bid tendering for you (send architectural plans to contractors, to get their estimates and make the choice), or you can opt for our in-house construction services by choosing our second, complete package.

Turn-key Project Delivery

With this package, on top of everything included in the Basic Consulting Services, you also get your entire project built, with warranties and project close-out. No need to worry about hiring each trade separately and trying to make sure they do the job right – we will do General Contracting for you, making sure each detail specified on architectural drawings is followed to a T. This way, your project will pass every single city inspection, and will be built on time and within budget.

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