Building a Commercial Project – Hiring an Architect

Hiring an architect makes a lot of sense – contrary to what many may think, they do much more than draw building blueprints. This professional will not only support you during the indispensable building permit application process, but also embody your vision for your building while saving you lots of headaches.

Here are the top five reasons to hire an architect, although there are quite a few more.

Meeting Customer Needs

Thanks to their education and training (besides natural creativity that characterizes the representatives of this profession), architects can help their clients explore a wide array of options to come up with a design that will cater exactly to their needs. They can even take abstract ideas and present them in a way that can be easily visualized, discussed, and later explained to a contractor, so that construction can be done correctly.

The Paperwork

No building can be constructed without a building permit. Getting it, however, can be quite a hassle – a series of steps must be taken, including consulting zoning bylaws and building codes, to submit the correct paperwork. On most occasions, the city asks further questions and requests additional documentation. Instead of taking several trips to the city themselves, future building owners can leave it all in the hands of an architect. 

When the permit is granted, this professional can also deal with contractors’ bids, to make sure the best-suited one is chosen (based on their particular expertise and pricing).


A truly skilled architect is also a great communicator (and we aren’t just talking about translating customer ideas into an architectural drawing). Those ideas must also be communicated effectively and correctly to engineers, planners, and contractors – building a project involves many kinds of professionals. Any unforeseen situations can also be mitigated if the architect can convey the necessary information properly.

Project Supervision

Precisely due to the fact that many are involved in the construction process, architectural supervision can become key to its success, especially when it comes to building on time and within budget. An architect can make sure there are no misinterpretations on the General Contractor’s side, and that all the work done by the subcontractors is of high quality, since he or she also has knowledge of construction materials and techniques. 

Work done properly from the start translates into the project getting completed without delays and on budget – there is no need to redo anything, and thus time, materials and labor are not wasted.

Environmental Awareness

In a world where care for the environment has turned into a greater need, sustainable architecture has become more and more important. As an added bonus, not only will a “green” building lessen your impact on the surroundings, but it can save you money (solar panels, for instance, can knock quite a few dollars off your monthly electric bill). Why not help the planet while helping yourself?

If by now you have no doubt that hiring an architect is a great idea – and not just for blueprints – you might be wondering where to find one and how to choose him or her. Find out more in our following blogs.

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