Building a Commercial Project – Finding an Architect

While the most logical choice might be to ask around for a recommendation, there are several other ways of going about finding an architect – the right one – for your project. 

Official Directories

One of the main sources for finding an architect is the Architecture Canada Electronic Directory that can be consulted on the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada website or in the Canadian Architecture Directory. These directories contain information on architectural firms from across the country.

To focus on a particular province, consult their architectural association’s website. In the case of Ontario, visit the Ontario Association of Architects webpage, where clicking on the Discover an Architect link allows to perform an advanced search of the type of service required, starting with architectural visualization and ending with urban planning, be it for residential or even commercial use. 

Office Visits

Whether you end up finding a firm through one of the above-mentioned websites, or simply by driving or walking around your city, the next step would be to visit some of the architectural firms to look at their portfolios in person (and not just online). Scheduling such a visit, especially, will give you the advantage of personalized attention and portfolio samples geared towards fulfilling your needs. This will save you valuable time (portfolios can be very extensive) and help you get a clear picture of what can be achieved with a defined budget and timeframe. 

Recommendations… of Course!

finding an architect

If someone you know, however, has already had an excellent experience when hiring and working with an architectural firm, or a particular architect, for a similar project, then their recommendation could definitely be the first step.

It never hurts to get a second or third opinion, though, so either consulting the directories mentioned and then visiting the chosen firms, or simply dropping by a firm you might have noticed on your way somewhere, should be considered.

Locating a few architects is the first step in the hiring process. Then comes the decision time – how can you choose just one professional, even after narrowing down from hundreds of options? Read our next blog to get some tips.

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